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Oxfordshire Total Communication is a network partnership organisation that has evolved out of a need for information and resources about communicating with people with a learning disability in Oxfordshire. We work jointly with the NHS and other independent organisations, and our steering group is made up of people from all walks of life, including speech and language therapy, psychology, supported living environments and a parent carer. We are committed to promoting accessible communication and providing the tools necessary for support workers, carers and others who live and work with people with a learning disability.

We run training courses, and an Introduction and Resource Day  which is open to anyone to attend.

We also have a Link Network of people in Oxfordshire who meet up regularly to share ideas and resources, and receive bite-sized training. We have some experts among the Link Network, but we also learn as we go, as the Total Communication approach is relatively new to many of us in Oxfordshire. The only experience we ask people to bring with them is that of living and/or working with people with a learning disability.

If you are interested in any aspect of Oxfordshire Total Communication, please do contact us.

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